C1 Endurance – Race Control to Driver & Team Radio

C1 Endurance – Race Control to Driver & Team Radio

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This multi-channel receiver kit is required for Race Control to communicate 1-way to Drivers and Team Managers (separately) for the C1 Racing Series.

Mandatory requirements:

  • 1 x driver receiver kit is required per car, and is to be installed as per the series regulations using the C1 Racing Series specific mounting kit, purchased separately via the C1 shop.
  • It is also mandatory for the team manager of each car to have their own receiver kit.
  • Receivers may only be purchased directly from BRSCC, and collected at the first event after purchase. Shipping is not available.


  • Additional kits for other team members may also be purchased if desired.

Please ensure you state how many receivers you are buying for the car(s), and how many you are buying for the team(s), then update the total quantity required.

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The kit includes the pre-programmed BRSCC receiver, 1 pair of standard earphones and a short USB charging cable.

Additional Team Crew can easily be added by purchasing additional kits.

Specified in the C1 Racing Series Regulations.


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