Initial prospects look good as interest in TCR's UK venture continues to increase – Photo: TCR

After the recent exciting announcement that the TCR UK Championship will be launching next season, the championship promoters have released their first bulletin providing initial information for interested teams and parties who are looking to participate in 2018.

The bulletin from TCR reads as follows:

"The main TCR International Series website is – under the drop-down menu ‘Inside TCR’ you will find both the Technical Regulations and Sporting Regulations for the International Series. We will follow the Technical Regulations in their entirety, so that cars used in the TCR UK series will also be eligible for other TCR championships around the world. We also plan to use the same Sporting Regulations in the UK.

You will also find a ‘Marketplace’ section on the International Series’ website. Teams are encouraged to advertise used cars etc in this area, so you can get a good idea of what cars are available and typical prices.

Should you be interested in buying new cars, please contact us and we can put you in touch with the relevant car manufacturer.

As we outlined in our initial press release, we plan to have six or seven race meetings in 2018 with two sprint races during each weekend.

All races will be live streamed.

Our Facebook page is already live. Feel free to ‘like’ and share the page to your contacts. Other social media channels will be opened up in due course.

Please note our new email address, which should be used to contact us from now on –"

The number of enquiries has already been highly impressive with many teams, drivers and suppliers already making contact with TCR UK's promoters expressing interest in competing in the new championship next year. If you're interested in finding out more information about the 2018 TCR UK Championship, then get in touch via the contact e-mail address above.


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