The MSA has approved a proposal to bring the Time Attack Series under its auspices thus officially recognising this new type of event as an approved form of motor sport.

Originating in Japan as a way of proving the relative performance of street-tuned cars, Time Attack is a spectacular form of motor sport in which highly-powered cars on road-legal tyres compete on regular motor sport circuits.

The BRSCC has enjoyed a close involvement with Time Attack since the sport arrived in the UK five years ago with the Club running several of their events and Time Attack reciprocating by scheduling BRSCC championships at their meetings.

Safety standards have continually improved and with the series growing in popularity among both competitors and a predominantly young audience of enthusiastic fans, the organisers have been working closely with the MSA to bring the sport under the umbrella of the governing body.

Time Attack events will now run under an MSA permit and adhere to all the requirements that this entails, including the appointment of MSA licensed officials, a recognised judicial process and fully trained marshalling cover. Competitors in the Pro-Series will require an MSA Race National B licence, while those participating in the grass-roots class, known as the Club Challenge, will be able to compete with a Non-Race National B licence that can be issued on the day.

While the freedom of engine specification remains at the core of Time Attack Series, vehicles will have to comply with certain MSA regulations in order to compete, including in the Pro-Series: FIA homologated seat and 5-point harness, mandatory 6-point roll cage and appropriate fire extinguisher. In both classes, drivers must wear MSA-compliant personal protection equipment.

The 2010 season which begins at Oulton Park on 24th April at a meeting run in conjunction with the BRSCC North Western Centre that will also feature the Avon Tyres Club Formula Ford 1600 Northern Championship.

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