HRDC Jack Sears Trophy

Historic saloons recreate classic touring car racing at its very best, courtesy of HRDC

Rounds Date Circuit Format Price Links
1 15 May 2022 -
15 May 2022
Mallory Park TBC TBC

About the HRDC Jack Sears Trophy

The HRDC Jack Sears Trophy – for 1958-1966 Touring Cars


TC65A Homologated cars over 2-litre
TC65 Homologated cars under 2-litre
TGA Pre-’60 cars over 2701cc
TGB Pre-’60 cars 1601cc – 2700cc
TGC Pre-’60 cars 1201 – 1600cc
TGD Pre-60 cars up to 1200cc
TGS “Speedwell” Pre-’60 cars using BMC 12756cc, Triumph 1296cc, Ford 1300 pre-cross-flow engines
ACD Pre-’60 cars to Academy single-make regs

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