Mallory Park in Leicestershire plays host to our BRSCC Midlands Centre today, as we make our one and only visit of the season for a mix of tin-tops, multi-class racing and even a spot of historics – a nice little bit of variety for a Sunday afternoon.

The Alfa Romeo Championship looks as if it’s going down to the wire this season – Photo: Katy Read

The title battle in the Alfa Romeo Championship is beginning to intensify with a Twin Spark Cup car virtually guaranteed to win the overall crown. The questions remains, however – who? Andrew Bourke leads the way ahead of reigning #1 Tom Hill, Simon Cresswell and Michael Tydeman and all 4 will be in action today. As for the overall race victory, that’s almost certain to go to a Modified class car with former champion Graham Seager, Vincent Dubois and last year’s BRSCC Fiesta champion Alastair Kellett all out to play today. Vince Proto is also present in his Invitation class Fiat Punto Abarth.

Track Attack Race Club bring two series to the party – the first is the MR2 Classic Race Series for all those who love competing in the Mk1 generation Toyota MR2. They will be joined by a selection of cars from the fledgling 206 GTi Cup to mix up the competition. Speaking of a mix, there certainly is one in the other Track Attack series in attendance, the Nippon Challenge for all Asian cars. This will mostly contain Honda Civics, Toyota Celicas and in Super GT, it’ll be a Subaru Impreza vs a potent little Suzuki Swift! They are joined by the Tricolore Trophy which caters for French marques, with mainly Peugeot and Renault represented, and the Multi Marques featuring cars from BMW and Vauxhall.

On the historic front, HRDC are back with us once again to entertain the spectators with a reminder of how racing used to look like. The HRDC Allstars race with Academy and A-Series Challenge cars in the mix will feature a vast mix of Rileys, Austins, Jaguars and MG Midgets doing battle with a platoon of Austin A35 and A40 Academy cars. Over in the COYS Trophy, you’ll take a trip back to the glory days of touring car racing in the 1950s and 1960s, with Lotus Cortinas, Alfa Romeos, Jaguars and more all dicing for track position at the same time. It should be a fantastic spectacle!

So, enough to keep you occupied for an afternoon at one of the UK’s longest standing race track and dearly loved by many. Don’t miss this prime opportunity to see one of the very few 4-wheeled race meetings taking place there this year!


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