Driven By Racing

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Silverstone National Circuit

Driven By Racing

16 November 2024 - 17 November 2024

Come and join the British Racing and Sports Car Club at our ‘Driven By Racing’ exhibition supported by MSUK, a showcase of everything the BRSCC does within the UK motorsport industry.

Whether you’re looking to get involved in racing for the first time, looking to test drive a race car from within the numerous racing series we support, discuss your future racing options with some of the professional race teams that operate within our racing portfolio, or learn how you can become involved in motorsport as a marshal, a scrutineer or in race control, Driven By Racing is a not-to-be-missed event! Even if you just want to come along and get a feel for what UK Club motorsport is all about, then get signed up now.

Below you’ll find a list of the key aspects being promoted at the event, so get your FREE tickets booked and put the dates in your diary.

When you book your tickets, you’ll be given the opportunity to tell us what aspects of the event you’re interested in, and we’ll follow up with you in due course to arrange things further.

  • Marshal Training Programmes
  • Rescue Unit Demonstrations & Volunteer Recruitment
  • Race Officials Demonstrations & Volunteer Recruitment
  • Race Car Test Drives
  • Meet the Race Teams and discuss your racing options
  • Take or discuss booking an ARDS Test
  • Race Simulator Competitions
  • Scrutineering Demonstrations & Volunteer Recruitment
  • BRSCC Event Staff & Race Coordinator Recruitment
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Marshal Training Programmes

“The Orange Army” of Marshals that look after our safety when we’re racing are some of the most important people involved in motorsport. It’s often quoted that without marshals there would be no UK circuit racing, and that’s so true.
For those already involved in marshalling, we’ll be running a programme of training sessions over the event weekend, so get signed up for tickets and one of our team will be in touch with you with further details.
The marshalling community is well known for their camaraderie, inclusiveness and for being one big family, so if you’re not already involved and fancy finding out more then come along and we’ll be happy to discuss things with you.

BRSCC Event Staff & Race Coordinator Recruitment

The BRSCC enjoys the support of numerous staff and volunteers to help look after our racers and to ensure that our race events run as smoothly and professionally as possible. If you’ve got an interest in motorsport, then why not look at getting involved with us a Championship or Series coordinator or in other important event roles such as paddock management, race secretary or event administration. The BRSCC operations team will be delighted to discuss any options and opportunities, so book your tickets and we’ll be in touch.

Meet the Race Teams and discuss your racing options

Many of the professional teams who operate within our racing portfolio will be attending the event to showcase their services and race cars, and you’ll have the opportunity to chat to them to find out how they can support your future racing as well as test drive some of their cars. Teams from across numerous championships will be in attendance, including those from our various Mazda MX-5 series, Fiesta Junior Championship, Audi TTCR, Fiesta ST240 and Fiesta ST150’s, BMW Compact Cup, CityCar Cup and more! Book your tickets and we’ll put you in touch with the teams in the racing categories that you’re interested in.

Rescue Unit Demonstrations & Volunteer Recruitment

Our race event Rescue Units and the staff that operate them play a hugely important part of running safe race events. Along with marshals, they are first responders when mishaps take place on track, and their skills and equipment can save lives. If you’re interested in finding out more about the BRSCC’s state of the art rescue units and how you might become involved, then get your tickets booked and come and meet our team.

Race Car Test Drives

The BRSCC hosts many different racing formulae, these catering for a multitude of racing tastes. The Silverstone circuit will be live for the whole weekend and we’ll have many cars from within our racing portfolio available at the event for you to book a test drive. So whether you’re interested in test driving one of our Audi TTCR race cars, a Mazda MX-5 Championship car, a Fiesta ST150 or ST240 Turbo, a CityCar Cup racer or even the stunning futuristic Formula Foundation fully electric single seater, we’d love to hear from you.
First step is to secure your FREE tickets, choose the Test Drive option and we’ll be in touch to discuss your options.

(Charges may apply)

Race Officials Training & Volunteer Recruitment

It’s easy to believe that motor racing events “just happen”, however behind the scenes of all BRSCC events sits a team of highly skilled and dedicated race officials. Together they oversee a number of key positions and roles, these including event admin, race control staff and Clerk(s) of the Course. As a team they help ensure that the relevant rules and regulations are applied and managed, as well as liaising with circuit staff and marshals to make sure our racing events are safe and well managed. To find out more about how to get involved in any of these important roles, and to see first hand how “Race Control” operates, get your tickets booked and come along to find out more.

Take or discuss booking an ARDS Test

Supported by the lovely people at the UK’s leading provider of ARDS tests and driver training, The Motorsports School will be offering opportunities for you to sit and pass your ARDS test whilst at the event. So whether you are interested in racing in our Fiesta Junior Championship or any of our senior racing categories, book your tickets and choose the “ARDS” option and we’ll be in touch to discuss things with you in person.

Show Special: Snr ARDS £245 / Jnr ARDS £345

Race Simulator Competitions

Supported by our partners at SIM Motorsport, we’ll have their SIM rig set up and raring to go at the event, so book your tickets, click the Race Simulator Competitions option and we’ll be in touch to arrange things with you.

Motorsport Equipment

At Driven By Racing you’ll also be able to meet a selection of motorsport related exhibitors who’ll be supporting us by showcasing their products and services. A list of our carefully chosen exhibitor partners will be published closer to the event.

Scrutineering Demonstrations & Volunteer Recruitment

Safety and Eligibility Scrutineering of race cars is a hugely important process that not only ensures the safety of drivers, but also verifies that race cars remain fully compliant with their relevant technical regulations. The BRSCC’s scrutineering team are a highly skilled and dedicated group of professionals, and they’ll be offering scrutineering demonstrations throughout the event. They’ll also be on hand to discuss how you can get involved in motorsport scrutineering.


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    If you’re interested in volunteering or officiating at BRSCC race events, we’ll be hosting several Training and Recruitment sessions at the event. (Our Marshal Training sessions are suitable for current marshals and for those looking to get involved for the first time).
    Please select the categories which are of interest to you and one of the team will get in touch.


    Motorsport is more than just the cars you see on track, and there is a huge and varied industry behind the sport. A selection of our valued commercial partners will be exhibiting at the event, and you’ll be welcome to drop by and find out more about their services and products.
    We’d also be delighted to discuss any partnership proposals you might like to present to the BRSCC.

    Get On Track

    Get signed up to meet the race teams that are present throughout our racing portfolio and hear more about how they can support you to achieve your racing goals. Select the racing formulae that you’d like to know more about and we’ll put you in touch with the relevant teams.

    If you’re new to the sport, then you will be able to take your ARDS test live at the event courtesy of our partners at The Motorsports School. Select the ARDS option below and we’ll put you in touch.

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    Exhibit with us

    Based on the great success of our first ever Driven by Racing event in 2023, we’re expecting an even bigger attendance in 2024! As well as showcasing the BRSCC’s own racing formulae and event activities, we’d love for you to join us to promote your own motorsport related products and services to a dedicated motorsport audience.

    Garage Track Pack

    One of the main aspects of Driven by Racing is to deliver a platform for you to showcase your race team to potential customers. When you sign up to a Garage Track Pack, you’ll be allocated your own pit garage where you can display your cars and meet potential customers, as well as being given multiple track passes to enable you to offer test drives throughout the weekend.

    Paddock Track Pack

    If you’re not quite ready to commit to a Garage Track Pack, you can still benefit from a dedicated area in the paddock behind the garages where you can set up your team awning. You’ll be able to display your cars and meet potential customers, as well as being given track passes to enable you to offer test drives throughout the weekend.

    Exhibitor Pack

    If your company specialises in motorsport related products or services, Driven by Racing is the ideal event to showcase your business to an audience of relevant potential customers. We have packages to enable you to display your products and information within one of the pit garages, or we can allocate you a space in the paddock for a reduced cost.


    Race Entries
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