Mighty Minis are 20 years old – time to party at Cadwell! – Photo: Bourne Photographic

For all fans of all things Minis and motorsport, your destination of choice might just be Cadwell Park on Saturday as we’ve got a little bit of a celebration going on. Both our Mighty Minis and Super Mighty Minis are out to mark the anniversary of their first ever race and as an added bonus, the little blighters have the circuit all to themselves!

It was twenty years ago that the inaugural Mighty Mini race took place here at Cadwell Park competing in a mixed grid race with the BRSCC road saloons. Only three cars took part driven by Nigel Ainge, Richard Perks and winner Alan Wickenden, this did not bode well as we have seen many great motorsport ideas fold without the support by drivers. However it must be said that without the determination and dexterity that Rodger Tello (the founder) has shown, the championship may not have lasted the year.

History has proven that the Mighty Minis racing concept designed by Rodger was certainly a great idea. Over the last twenty years the Mighty Minis championship has been a fantastic proving ground for both up and coming drivers and for those that recognised the superb opportunity of competing at an affordable level. It’s also seen healthy grids which in turn have provided some outstanding racing.

Such was the success of the Standard Mighty Minis that it gave birth to the Super Mighty Minis, which appealed to the drivers who wanted more from their Mini. These cars are a more developed, but the championship ethos of great affordable racing is maintained and the cars are fabulous to drive. A slightly bigger engine and a little more power gives the iconic little run-arounds a little more bite go to with their bark.

In the Standard Mighty Minis, Stuart Combes comes to Cadwell park leading the Class A points table with lady driver Caroline Gilbert a mere four point behind however resurgent Steve Rideout is keen to make up for a poor start to his season and is hot on her heels. Harrogate based ladies grass track champion Alice Hughes will be having her first outing here at Cadwell Park alongside fellow Harrogate lady Maria Brown, who herself is a former champion making her comeback to the championship this season. Her “Iron Maiden” sponsored car will certainly stand out in the crowd.

Meanwhile, over in the Super Mighty Minis, reigning champion Jamie White is on track to claim another title if his luck holds out, while Scott Kendall is desperately trying to upset the party closely followed by last years’ Standard Mighty Minis champion Ian Slark. However, Neven Kirkpatrick is not one to rule out where a great drive is concerned and he is also likely to be in the mix. Mini Spares centre driver Alex Comis has shown good form but has not yet managed to convert his efforts into a win this year, so watch as he revels in the challenge this circuit poses.

Mini racing has always been an exciting category of motorsport to watch. When you factor in a circuit with as many crests, dips and meanders as Cadwell Park, it makes the potential for one heck of an afternoon’s action.

As it turns out, it’s looking like it’s going to be a fairly nice day for racing on Saturday weather wise. Granted, temperatures aren’t set to go higher than 14 degrees, however it will stay dry with some sunny intervals, so on the whole it’s still pretty decent! Full details of the forecast can be found at CADWELL PARK WEATHER.

As always, you can find a provisional timetable, final instructions and the entry list here at CADWELL PARK RACEDAY.


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