Good Evening and welcome to the 2018 BRSCC AGM

Firstly, I would like to start by acknowledging the contribution that Stuart Turner and Bernard Cottrell have made over the years whilst they were Directors of the BRSCC. The board thank them for their work with the BRSCC and wish them well.

Bernard resigned in October and Stuart tendered his resignation in January.

The recent changes at the MSA with the appointment of David Richards as Chairman have signalled a new and hopefully exciting time for UK motorsport.

David gave an excellent speech at the Autosport Show and described motorsport as having three distinct sectors. The technology motorsport, (we know that is F1, WRC and Formula E) the entertainment motorsport (BTCC and BGT) and the participation motorsport (club racing).

At the BRSCC we have our feet in two of these camps, the participation and the entertainment sectors. We are proud to continue working with SRO on delivering great BGT race weekends and they have a package that is attracting thousands of paying spectators to the circuits and with our new venture with TCR UK this area will continue to grow for the BRSCC.

I would like to thank the HQ team for working on and delivering a great package that we can deliver with our excellent support races and moving on through the next two years a great show for the public to pay to watch. Something that the BRSCC have not really been associated with in recent times.

With regard to the participation motorsport, which has been and is our core business as a members club, we delivered the following numbers;

We have 2500 members who can enjoy the benefits of membership, such as ASI entry, discounts on racewear, discounts on subscriptions and free tickets to race meetings.

We will run 45 race meetings in 2018. We will be present at 15 race tracks in the UK and Europe. We will organise race meetings for other parties,12 race meetings in total, including BGT, Creventic 24 hour, Ferrari and TCR.

For all of this I would like to thank the HQ staff, the regional centres that offer a professional service with local presence, the hundreds of volunteer marshals and of course some two thousand members who choose to race with the BRSCC.

I would like to acknowledge the support that I receive as your new chairman from the HQ team, from the exec and finance committee and from my fellow directors on the board.

I would like to congratulate Dominic for is his work in organising the seasons events and for his co-option onto the board to be our Competitions Director.

I would like to acknowledge the contribution that Deborah Danbury has made in her relatively short time with us as financial controller.

The great team at the office with Liz, Chloe, Sophia, Scott and Penny.

In 2017 we introduced several changes to the organisation, this included the appointment of Penny Mattocks as our chief coordinator. A new position that has been very fruitful. Penny has been the link between all our coordinators and the office. Her wealth of experience, her customer care and her warm heart have been very effective. Thank you.

Liz has been a great pillar of the club and the office. She has been the organiser, the deliverer and on many race days the customer facing person to help with competitor queries. Thank you.

Scott has been responsible for the PR, the social media, the programmes and the BRSCC publications. Thank you.

Chloe has been the responsible for the finances of the club prior to Deb’s arrival and this was a very tall task, delivered and we are very grateful.

Thank you to Sophia for her work in the office helping with accounts, entries and office works.

It was mid 2017 that we identified with the help of the office the need to employ a full time office manager and financial controller. The appointment of Deborah as a full time member of staff has seen the day to day management of the club gain momentum.

Deb works closely with my fellow board members Noel Taylor and Glynn Lee who form the exec and finance committee. Meeting monthly we are able to plan and deliver the club’s strategy, as approved by the main board.

I would like to thank my fellow board members for their support, guidance and questioning at our quarterly meetings. There are many many years of motorsport experience around the table.

As we go through 2018 we will be faced with many challenges. There are 5 circuits now controlled by one operator. This has an effect on our club calendar and allocating dates and championships to the desired venues.

We have challenges from other organising clubs, tendering for the running of some prestigious events.

As in many walks of life we need to look to the future and plan for succession. This is very evident with our officials and marshals. We have seen some new race officials graduate through the MSA clerks training programme. We are always looking for more members to consider whether they can offer their services and train as clerks, scrutineers, marshals.

I am very pleased to be able to report a turnaround in our club profits by some £40k from a loss to a surplus through 2017. With the budgets set for 2018 we hope to improve on this.

We have to deliver a service to our members, we have to operate with a surplus and re invest in items such as new rescue vehicles and race day equipment.

Finally I am pleased to announce that as well as Dominic joining, we have 3 other nominations to join the main board.

I hope that you agree with me and welcome them, with their knowledge and experience they can only help to strengthen our future for the BRSCC.


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