Clapham North MOT gears up for an exciting 2023 as Official Partner of BRSCC’s Mazda MX-5 SuperCup!

The BRSCC is delighted to announce that, in a further extension of its existing support of the championship for another year, Clapham North MOT will continue as the support sponsor for the Clapham North MOT Mazda MX-5 SuperCup in 2023.

Clapham North MOT was established in 1960 by Ronnie Grant, a racing driver and black cab driver and was named after the area of London in which it’s based. Ronnie went racing in single seaters with his own racing team that comprised future famous F1 personnel Patrick Head and John Barnard among other key members. Ronnie’s racing career continued until 1990 when he decided to stop and focus on the family business, but the Grant racing heritage was extended when son George began racing, and has since formed a long-standing association and reputation racing in Mazda MX-5s, mainly through the BRSCC.

George himself has been consistently improving his speed and form in the BRSCC Mazda MX-5 paddock over the last few seasons and runs a Rob Boston Racing prepared Mk3 in the MX-5 SuperCup, as well as occasionally jumping into a Mk1 in the MX-5 Clubman Championship in recent seasons. George is not only a Mazda MX-5 racing aficionado but has also showcased his abilities in the BRSCC’s Clubsport Trophy and the C1 Racing Club too, and the long-term support he’s continually provided to both the MX-5 SuperCup and the BRSCC via Clapham North MOT is very much appreciated by the Club.

For the 2023 season, Clapham North MOT will again provide support sponsorship to the Clapham North MOT MX-5 SuperCup, which will see the Clapham North logo present on the windscreen strips and rear number plates of all competing Mk3 racecars within the championship. Clapham North branding will also be present during live stream coverage of MX-5 SuperCup races throughout the year, as well as on respective promotional materials and social media graphics and a continued presence on the BRSCC website too.

George Grant, Clapham North MOT: “I’m absolutely delighted for Clapham North MOT to be partnering with the BRSCC once again for another year. They are without question one of the premier motorsport clubs in the UK and we continue to enjoy a great relationship. The Clapham North MOT Mazda MX-5 SuperCup is a fantastic race championship to be involved with, and it provides an important platform on which to further promote the Clapham North MOT business. I’m really looking forward to another great season of racing, and to enjoying seeing our branding on the cars for the season ahead”.

Emma Palmer, BRSCC Mazda MX-5 Coordinator: “Myself, the entire Mazda MX-5 paddock and the BRSCC are all very appreciative of the support that George and Clapham North MOT provides to both the Club and our Mazda championships. To have Clapham North confirmed once again as the support sponsor for our thriving Mazda MX-5 SuperCup in 2023 is testament to George’s commitment to helping us ensure that this continues to be one of the most competitive, exciting and popular championships in the BRSCC’s racing portfolio”.


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