Ever since it was launched just a couple of months ago to much fanfare and a fantastic reception, the new BRSCC Clubsport Trophy has been gathering momentum day by day, with more and more interested drivers and cars electing to join the action. Now, after much careful planning, promotion and behind the scenes work, the Clubsport Trophy is finally ready for its first ever race this weekend at Brands Hatch!

For those who need to know the basics, the BRSCC Clubsport Trophy was created as an essential addition to the Club’s portfolio of racing activities, providing an “allcomers” style racing contest to allow a mass variety of marques, models and specifications to compete against each other. The cars are all separated into one of five classes, based on a set ladder of power to weight ratio limits with the maximum allowed set at 235bhp per tonne. Not only does that provide the opportunity for just about any regular production or performance car, stock or modified, to enter but it also means that it ensures tight, close competition and prevents one car from dominating proceedings each time.

Races are 45 minutes long in length with a mandatory pit stop also thrown into the mix to add an extra little strategy element into the equation. The Clubsport Trophy was also designed to make it cost-effective for more than one driver to compete in a race without much more additional costs, hence both solo and two-driver entries are encouraged to help diversify the entry further.

So, with the baseline facts out of the way, what can we expect and who will be lining up on the grid for this inaugural contest? Starting with Class A (the fastest class on the grid), it looks likely to be a three-way dance between Stuart Jefcoate’s Porsche 911 Carrera, the Ford Focus of Scott & Shaun Bugner and the VW Beetle RSi Cup racer of Andre and Jake Severs. Three very different cars which could prove fairly evenly matched and should provide a fascinating spectacle upfront. Over with Class B, there’s some great diversity here too with five Civic Cup racers all electing to compete; Luke Handley, Jason Ballantyne, David Buky, Andy Hart and Bruce Winfield are the representatives here, and they’ll face competition from Scott Ferguson’s supercharged Mazda MX-5, Steve Griffiths in his Ginetta G20, a trio of various MINIs and the Morgan +4 Club Sport (fittingly named) of Paul Voakes and Lee Gavins. The Ford Sierra of Brian Lilley and Aaron Tucker will also be familiar to club racing fans too.

Class C brings four manufacturers to play with Stewart Donovan’s Toyota Celica, the MINI Cooper S of Dan Turner and Laurie Ward, Alex and Gavin Hearnden in their Alfa Romeo 156 and Jay Dalgarno and Charlie Dark piloting a BMW E36 328i. Class D only features two cars, so expect a one on one duel between Martin Parsons in another Alfa 156 and Andrew Mitchell’s Peugeot 306.

As for Class E, it may as well feature the subtitle “MX-5 Championship vs BMW Compact Cup”, as the majority of the entry is comprised of cars and drivers from both series! Representing the Mazdas will be Jake Styles, Richard Bartlett and two pairings with Tim Dore and Arun Dhanapala in one car and Luke Souch joining forces with BRSCC chairman Peter Daly in another. Peter will be looking out for other half Lorna Vickers on track too, as she competes in her BMW E36 Compact 318i, along with fellow Compact Cup runners Mike and Mikey Doble, James Stanbury and the duo of Philip Adcock and Stuart Wright. A pair of Mk2 Mazda MX-5s are also in the mix, as will be Craig Robertson’s potent little Suzuki Swift GTi.

So, over 30 cars on the grid with 45 minutes of racing and a pitstop ahead of them. It’s hard to say just who will come out on top of the inaugural BRSCC Clubsport Trophy race, but one thing is for certain – it’s going to be a sensational sight and something which is sure to put smiles on the face of every single competing driver. With that, let battle commence for the first time ever in this brand new series!

Scott Woodwiss.


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