Fun Cup Championship

A much loved endurance championship that never ceases to entertain fans and always provides surprisingly close racing wherever it goes

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Fun Cup and Mazda MX-5 Race Weekend

23 March 2019 - 24 March 2019

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About the Fun Cup Championship

The Fun Cup endurance championship was launched in the UK in 2002, as a step forward in motorsport with the clearly defined objective of providing cost effective, close, exciting and above all, good fun racing for all competitors.

The concept was originally conceived in Belgium, based on the success of endurance karting. From small beginnings, it has taken off to massive success with grids topping 30 cars in the UK.

The cars are race designed, single-seaters, with super-strong space frame chassis. They are powered by an 1800cc, 130 bhp VW/Audi petrol engine, with the popular Sadev sequential gearbox. Paddle-shift and pit-to-car radio are also available as optional extras and they all feature race brakes and fully adjustable suspension. All cars are identical in specification, with no-performance modifications. The championship consists of one class and a trophy is awarded to the top 3 teams after each race.

The races are all endurance, between 4 and 8 hours in the UK, complete with pit stops and all the drama of such an event. Teams vary from 2 – 6 drivers in the UK and thanks to carefully formulated rules, however many in a team, your chance of success is exactly the same.

So, with the car engines and gearboxes sealed and regulations strictly controlled, the racing is super close and the running costs remarkably low for this type of racing.

In addition to selling cars, several teams also offer cars for hire. So, without the need to buy, you can rent one-off drives, a seat for a complete season, or a car for the season, including full circuit support. Tell us what you want and we will do our best to make it happen. All of this makes it easy to try out the championship and to enter the world of endurance racing. It is effortless to enjoy real, cost-effective motorsport with Fun Cup.

Fun Cup receives widespread promotion, across a whole range of prime media from motorsport magazines through to daily newspapers, general interest magazines and also has TV coverage. The Championship is filmed at each UK event and for Sky Sports. Each season, we have approximately 40 hours of TV coverage and an end of year Season Review DVD. In addition, cameras are mounted in, or on, several cars, to capture on-track action during the race, which is brilliant for driver enjoyment and for the sponsors.

Fun Cup also has its own hospitality awning, where teams/sponsors/family/friends/guests can enjoy lunch on race day and unlimited drinks for the entire event.

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