The BRSCC's exciting new club-level endurance series!

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16 March 2024 - 17 March 2024

100 : 22 : 47


Qualifying: 30min | Races: 2hr

Rounds Date Circuit Format Price Links
1 (Saturday) 16 Mar 2024 -
17 Mar 2024
Silverstone International 2hr Race TBC
2 (Sunday) 06 Apr 2024 -
07 Apr 2024
Snetterton 300 2hr Race TBC
3 (Sunday) 04 May 2024 -
05 May 2024
Croft 2hr Race TBC
4 (Saturday) 22 Jun 2024 -
23 Jun 2024
Donington Park GP 2hr Race TBC
5 (Saturday) 13 Jul 2024 -
13 Jul 2024
Oulton Park Island 2hr Race TBC
6 (Sunday) 17 Aug 2024 -
18 Aug 2024
Brands Hatch Indy 2hr Race TBC
7 (Sunday) 28 Sep 2024 -
29 Sep 2024
Silverstone National 2hr Race TBC
Event Date Circuit Results
6 - 2023 30 Sep 2023 -
30 Sep 2023
Silverstone National View PDF
5 - 2023 19 Aug 2023 -
20 Aug 2023
Brands Hatch Indy View PDF
4 - 2023 22 Jul 2023 -
23 Jul 2023
Snetterton 300 View PDF
3 - 2023 17 Jun 2023 -
18 Jun 2023
Donington Park GP View PDF
2 - 2023 19 May 2023 -
21 May 2023
Silverstone Grand Prix View PDF
1 - 2023 08 Apr 2023 -
09 Apr 2023
Snetterton 300 View PDF
2 - 2022 20 Aug 2022 -
21 Aug 2022
Brands Hatch Indy View PDF
1 - 2022 25 Jun 2022 -
26 Jun 2022
Brands Hatch Indy View PDF
1 - 2021 31 Jul 2021 -
31 Jul 2021
Snetterton 300 View PDF
2023 View Standings


The BRSCC SuperSport Endurance Cup is a brand new endurance formula which provides long-distance club racing for a vast variety of clubman-level race cars across a number of classes.

The SuperSport Endurance Cup began as a pilot race in 2021 at Snetterton, before two more development races in 2022 at Brands Hatch. 2023 will be the first full season for SuperSport and it has also been granted championship status too, meaning that champions will be crowned at the same time. SuperSport was born out of the popularity of its sister series, the BRSCC ClubSport Trophy, and with competitors enquiring about the potential for longer races and with a desire to fill a gap in the Club’s portfolio, it was created with a similar concept in mind to provide new and existing BRSCC racers an additional racing option with a longer format.

Entry is open to a wide spread of various marques and models, with the championship separated into six classes all constructed based on a car’s power to weight ratio. Cars must record no more than a maximum of 350bhp per tonne in order to be eligible to contest a SuperSport race, and they must also run List 1A/ 1B/ 1C tyres and all the mandatory safety requirements, both of which are listed in the Motorsport UK Blue Book. To ensure accuracy of allocation of classes, cars can and will be presented for dyno testing with a provided supplier on-site.

Races run at a maximum of two hours in length, with a minimum of two mandatory pitstops to be made by each competing car and a maximum of three drivers permitted per entry. Refuelling is also allowed and must be performed in accordance with Motorsport UK’s regulations, and pit stops must a minimum of three minutes each from pit in to pit out.

The calendar for 2023 features a superb mix of popular circuits for drivers to compete on, such as Snetterton, Brands Hatch, Donington Park and a superb day of racing in store on the Silverstone GP circuit in May as part of the support timetable for the C1 Racing Club 24 Hour race. With all of the aforementioned circuits proving to be firm favourites with a great number of drivers up and down the country, each of them will provide ample opportunities for bumper grids. It’s set to be an amazing year for SuperSport with the BRSCC and we want you to join in!

Many thanks to Dave Luck for the supply of photos from our inaugural race at Snetterton in July 2021 on this page – be sure to check out his Facebook page for more of his work here –


**LILLE RACEWEAR COLLECTION – For SuperSport Endurance branded merchandise, head to this link below to browse the apparel available from Lille Racewear! –

For information such as car and class eligibility, key documents such as championship regulations and more for the SuperSport Endurance Cup, please complete and submit the contact form below, or check out the respective tabs found underneath.


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Dan Collett - Championship Coordinator 07738 956166 Send Email
Scott Woodwiss - Media & Marketing 01732 780100 Send Email
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Pro-A Cars with a power to weight ratio of between 311 – 350bhp/tonne.
Pro-B Cars with a power to weight ratio of between 271 – 310bhp/tonne.
Pro-C Cars with a power to weight ratio of between 231 – 270bhp/tonne.
Clubman-A Cars with a power to weight ratio of between 191 – 230bhp/tonne.
Clubman-B Cars with a power to weight ratio of between 151 – 190bhp/ tonne.
Clubman-C Cars with a power to weight ratio of up to – 150bhp/tonne.
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2023 Sporting & Technical Regulations 29/03/2023 View Document
Appendix 1 - Race with Respect (2023 Sporting & Technical Regulations) 29/03/2023 View Document
2023 BRSCC Driving Standards Policy 29/03/2023 View Document
2023 Mandatory Decal Plan 24/03/2023 View Document
Championship Points Explained 04/04/2023 View Document

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