Formula Foundation

A truly ground-breaking fully electric single seater racing programme from the BRSCC

About the Formula Foundation

A truly ground-breaking fully electric single seater racing programme from the BRSCC

Formula Foundation is a ground-breaking fully electric single-seater racing project that has been well over a year in development, and the stunning electric race car has been conceptualised, designed, engineered and built in the UK.

This is a hugely exciting project for the BRSCC and their project partners RSR Technology Ltd, with the series being aimed at delivering the world’s first club level single seater EV racing opportunity. Formula Foundation is focussed not only toward privateer drivers, but race teams looking to support drivers who may be interested in developing a career in the rapidly growing world of EV racing.

The race car is built by RSR Technologies Ltd around an ultra-safe FIA spec T45 & ROPT CDS grade steel tubular space frame, which is the world’s first steel race car chassis to incorporate a cockpit/ driver protection system. With the highest levels of safety at the forefront of the design, the car also features F1 style 8-tonne rated wheel retaining tethers on all 4 hubs.

The drivetrain position, steering, suspension and braking system layout is as per “traditional” single seat cars, with the ECOClassics designed battery pack and EV power unit positioned behind the driver and driving the rear wheels.

The 120kW (160bhp) power unit enables a 0-60mph time of around 3 seconds, with a top speed of +130mph. This level of managed performance has been chosen to deliver a genuinely quick single seat race car experience for drivers, but whilst retaining maximum durability, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Battery charging is by way of readily available 240v 32A outlets, with the option of a CCS DC fast charge system. The steel encased 18kWh 350V DC Li-ion battery pack has been designed to meet ECE R100 requirements and enables multiple “sprint race” sessions of 20 minutes on a single charge, with no specialist recharging equipment or services required.

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Chassis FIA spec T45 & ROPT CDS grade steel tubular space frame, incorporating a cockpit/driver protection system. Carbon front and rear impact boxes as well as carbon/diolen side impact panels. F1 style 8-tonne rated Technora wheel retaining tethers on all 4 hubs.
Power Unit Purpose built power transfer unit and differential. ECE R00 compliant 350V DC Li-ion battery pack with 18kWh useable capacity.
Suspension In-house designed and built oval wishbones all round, coupled to top quality rose joints. Protech 600 Series 2-way adjustable damper units.
Brakes 290mm front discs and 4-pot Wilwood calipers. 270mm rear discs and 2-pot Wilwood calipers. In-house manufactured stainless steel 2-pedal system. Braided stainless steel lines throughout and well as a cockpit mounted brake bias adjustment valve.
Steering Collapsible steering column. Lightweight aluminium steering rack.
Safety FIA spec Lifeline electrically controlled gas fire extinguisher system. Lifeline quick release steering wheel boss. Lifeline FIA convex mirrors. Lifeline HANS compliant safety harnesses. Lifeline FIA rain light. Customisable multi-function electronic dash system.
Bodywork/ Aero Custom coloured GRP body in several easy to remove sections. Adjustable front aero wing.

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