14. Judicials & Officials

On occasion, you may find yourself being called up to speak to the clerk of the course regrading an something that took place on track during a session, be it practice, qualifying or the race. If you are called to see the clerk, you must head to Race Control straightaway where they will discuss with you the reasons why you have been summoned. This will be based on any marshals reports as well as anything noted and spotted by race control during the session. Video footage can and will be required and utilised if necessary to determine who was to blame if more than one driver was involved in an incident.

If you do not agree with the clerk’s decision, you have the right to appeal within 30 minutes of the decision being made. There is a specific process for appeals which is detailed in section C of the Motorsport UK Yearbook. It is up to you as the competitor to fully understand the process and be prepared in any eventuality. If you miss the 30 minute window of appeal, but still wish to challenge the decision again you, the next step will be to take the matter to the National Court. Again, these proceedures should be outlined in the Motorsport UK Yearbook.

On the other hand, if you feel that an incident with another driver has compromised your race and the result, you have the right to put in a protest against that driver yourself. Once again, those proceedures are also in the Motorsport UK yearbook, however there is also a handy guide that was created separately and can be found here.

Ultimately, no one wants to have to face the clerk of the course for any kind of incident, however you must ensure that you are clued up and prepared for any occasion where you are required to do so.


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