9. Signing On

Before you can do anything else, the first thing you’ll need to complete is a visit to the location which permits you to sign on for the race weekend. You can find the location and times for signing on within your final instructions document. Here, your race licence will be checked to ensure it is valid, however there may be the odd occasion where you might find yourself without your racing licence if you’ve sent it to Motorsport UK to be upgraded. If so, don’t worry – you can request a letter from Motorsport UK to confirm that you are indeed a valid licence holder and that it is in the process of being upgraded.

You should also bring your BRSCC membership card, however if for some reason you are without it, that’s not a problem. The secretary of the meeting receives a list from BRSCC HQ of the drivers competing that also clarifies the membership status of all of them, so as long as your membership is paid up and valid, you’ll be alright. Also, you should have your upgrade card with you – this is important if you’re to ensure that you can gain and record signatures towards a higher grade of licence, which will eventually allow you to race bigger and faster cars and compete in higher profile championships.

You must also sign the signing on sheet next to your name as an agreement to the declarations to Motorsport UK stated at the top of the document. Your upgrade card will also be looked after by the race admin personnel, so make sure you remember to pick it up before you leave the circuit once racing his been completed. If you happen to forget, any upgrade cards left behind are sent back to their respective competitors a few days after the race weekend has been completed.