13. The Race

The race follows the exact same procedure of heading to the assembly area as in previous sessions, however this time you’ll be released straight on to the circuit and head around to the grid, where you’ll be stopped in the correct position by a marshal. In terms of the starting procedure itself, check the championship regulations to make sure you know what will happen and whether it will be a standing start, a rolling start or a delayed start for different classes. Again, be sure to ask the clerk of the course in the drivers’ briefing if you’re unsure about anything.

Once the race is over and the chequered flag flies, once again you’ll head into parc ferme where you car may be subject to post-race scrutineering checks. This is just to ensure that nothing has changed between the first time the car was checked and the end of the race. If you are found to have contravened a rule as a result of any changes, you will be subject to a penalty per the clerk of the course’s decision. Remember, no one is allowed to touch or work on your car while it is in parc ferme. Anyone from your team who does so could also land you with a penalty.

If you were successful enough to end up on the top three positions, either in the overall result and/or in class depending on your championship’s regulations, you’ll be asked to head to the designated circuit podium where you’ll be given your trophy and also a winner’s hat if finishing in 1stplace, a garland and a bottle of champange if provided. You’ll also be required to pose for any photos and also conduct one or two interviews with the circuit commentators and possibly TV crews if your championship is being filmed that weekend. Make sure you oblige as everyone’s there to do a job, even yourself as a racing driver, so it’s important!


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