1. Get a Motorsport UK ARDS Licence

Anyone competing in UK circuit racing will need a licence provided by Motorsport UK, which is Britain’s governing body for motorsport. No driver can take to the race track on a competitive race weekend or test day without one, so this should be the first task you cross off your list.

To begin with, you’ll need to obtain a Go Racing Pack from Motorsport UK. These can be purchased directly from their website and usually only take a few days to arrive in the post. In the pack you’ll find an application form, a QR code and a booklet detailing what steps to take next.


Along with completing your application form, you will also need to complete an eye test or pass a medical examination if you are over 60, which can be completed by your doctor.

The next thing you must do before sending the application is to book and attend a test put on by the Association of Racing Driver Schools (more commonly known as an ARDS test). An ARDS test can be taken at just about any UK circuit venue, but if you’re unsure of where to go to take yours, we highly recommend The Motorsports School (http://www.themotorsportsschool.co.uk) You can visit the ARDS website to look at when and where the next upcoming test days are taking place.

Once you’ve found a venue and booked a date, you’ll need to attend and make your way through a two part examination. One half will be a written test of your knowledge gained from the Go Racing pack you received, while the other part will see you on track with an instructor to test your capabilities behind the wheel.

Should you be deemed to have passed both sections of the test and your application is signed off, you can then submit it to Motorsport UK who in return, providing everything submitted is to their satisfaction, will send you your very own Interclub racing licence. In which case, congratulations – you’re officially a racing driver!


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