5. The Race Car


Your race car will be required to comply with all points found in section Q of the Motorsport UK Yearbook, which you will have received in digital format in your Go Racing Pack. You must ensure that you have a current and up to date version of the Motorsport UK Yearbook as a new one is released at the beginning of every year containing updates. This set of requirements is the absolute minimum that your car will require; these points are checked at scrutineering and if any fail to comply, it is up to you as a competitor to ensure they do so, otherwise you risk being refused to take part in the race weekend.

In addition to the Motorsport UK regulations, every championship will have its own set of technical and sporting regulations which all competitors within it must fully comply with. Of course, requirements vary depending on which championship you compete in and every single one is different in some way. It is up to you as a competitor to ensure that you have read through the regulations thoroughly and carefully enough to make sure you do not contravene any of them and that you understand them fully. If you are found at any point during a race weekend to have broken a regulation, you will be penalized by the senior clerk of the course as they see fit and in accordance with the sporting and Motorsport UK regulations.


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