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    The BRSCC would like to thank all of our Marshals and Officials who supported us during the 2021 season – we couldn’t go racing without you!

    Our 2022 Availability Form is now available online and can be found using the link below. You can use this link to volunteer for all of our events nationwide.

    Are you a competitor, or already marshal and have family or friends that would like to get involved? We’d love to have a chat with them to see if we can get them on board. We are currently recruiting for:
    – Championship Coordinators
    – Scrutineers
    – Clerks Of The Course
    – Event Secretaries
    – Event Stewards
    – Driving Standards Observers
    – Rescue Crew
    – Marshals
    – Social Media Support
    DM us for more information – thank you for marshalling! 🟠🏁
    #ThanksMarshal #thanksyoumarshals

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    The British Racing & Sports Car Club is delighted to announce an exciting addition to our Mazda MX-5 SuperCup programme for the 2022 season, with the introduction of the new Mazda MX-5 SuperCup Clubman Championship.

    The hugely successful and popular Mazda MX-5 SuperCup Championship for Mk3 cars will continue under its current title and format, this providing racers with maximum track time consisting of a 20-minute Qualifying session followed by 3 x 20-minute races, normally spread over a 2-day event.

    The all-new Mazda MX-5 SuperCup Clubman Championship will offer Mk3 competitors a lower cost “sprint” format of a 15-minute Qualifying session, followed by 2 x 15-minute races, normally held over a single day. SuperCup Clubman competitors will compete within a single Clubman Class.

    To allow maximum efficiency for race teams and championship management, both the SuperCup and SuperCup Clubman championships, (as well as the BRSCC’s Mk1 MX-5 championships) will take place at the same circuits and events.

    BRSCC Chief Operating Officer Paul McErlean provided the following reasoning behind the club’s decision to introduce the new SuperCup Clubman championship.

    “Whilst we as a club along with our Mazda MX-5 coordinator team are immensely proud of the popularity and grid sizes delivered by our existing Mk3 MX-5 SuperCup Championship, we had become very frustrated at regularly having to disappoint numerous racing members when entry numbers exceeded grid capacities, this resulting in us having to place people on lengthy reserve lists.

    We have a duty to provide our racers with the ability to race, and through communication between the club, our racers and teams in relation the this situation it became clear to us that some of our members would prefer to be provided with an option to continue racing their cars in an unchanged technical spec, but with less of a commitment in terms of days away from home, entry fees, car wear and tear and general costs. Having seen the growth and success of our Mk1 MX-5 dual-championship programme through 2021, we feel confident that this similar structure for Mk3 cars will be well received by our members and teams”.

    BRSCC Race Operations, and MX-5 Championship Coordinator Mandy Andrew added,

    “The addition of the new SuperCup Clubman Championship will help us retain the loyalty of all our Mk3 MX-5 racers, and will also allow further expansion.

    In introducing this additional championship format, it shows that we are always listening to our customers, and that we are focussed on delivering the very best value and support possible. I’m delighted that we will continue to offer the 4 x 20-minute session format with our SuperCup Championship, and even more so that we have been able to add the new SuperCup Clubman format for those competitors who will prefer that.

    Myself and my coordination team will continue to provide the highest levels of support possible, and although the addition of the new SuperCup Clubman Championship is going to make us even busier over a race weekend, it’s what our customers want and that’s what is most important to us”.

    Further news and updates can be found by following these links:



    (The BRSCC will retain the option to run both championships on a shared grid where circuit capacity allows)


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    The British Racing & Sports Car Club is delighted to announce a rebrand and relaunch of the Avon Tyres Northern & Super Classic Formula Ford Championship, which will now be run and known as the Avon Tyres Super Classic Pre ’99 Formula Ford Championship.

    Following the overwhelming success of the 50th Formula Ford Festival and after consultation and discussions with several Formula Ford drivers in recent weeks, the feedback received was for the BRSCC to cater more to Kent-engined Formula Ford chassis built before 1999, all of which are eligible to compete in one of the four Super Classic classes run in the championship’s existing format. Following this feedback, the BRSCC has elected to make the championship exclusive to all cars that fit within the four Super Classic classes for the 2022 season. Subsequently, this will mean that cars which had previously run in the P Class (built between 1999-2021) will no longer be eligible to compete.

    The provisional calendar for the 2022 season remains unchanged with visits to Oulton Park, Anglesey, Croft and Donington Park on its six-meeting schedule, with the plan to switch the championship to a more nationwide mix of circuits for 2023 and beyond.

    Peter Daly, Chairman, BRSCC: “The demand and enthusiasm for racing older Formula Fords is certainly there. Drivers of cars built from the mid 80’s to the late 90’s all have the machinery to get on the podium. There are cars for sale at very reasonable prices out there and with strong Historic and Classic Championships at HSCC in place for the pre-1982 cars, this was an obvious gap at BRSCC in having a level playing field for a number of Formula Ford 1600 race car owners. We believe it can work and encourage all drivers and owners of any Formula Ford built from 1998 or older to come and join us on the grid next season.”

    If you’re interested in competing in next season’s Avon Tyres Super Classic Pre ’99 Formula Ford Championship, then be sure to get in touch with the championship coordination team at for more details. You can also visit the dedicated Formulae page on the BRSCC website for more details too.


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    The British Racing & Sports Car Club is delighted to announce that their next-generation Junior Championship race car will be on display at Kartmania 2021, at the Silverstone Wing complex over the weekend of 27th/28th November.

    Based around the 1.6 Sigma engined Mk7 Fiesta Zetec, the first example of the next-generation car will be on display prior to being introduced in the 2022 season to race alongside the current model. BRSCC staff including Junior Championship Coordinator Laura Payne will be on hand to answer any questions to those looking to move into saloon car racing as the next step in their racing career.

    The BRSCC is delighted that long term club associates Cooksport Ltd have been appointed to the role of technical development and supply partners for the next generation junior car. Working closely with Josh Cook and his Cooksport team on every aspect of the new car, the technical development of the new car is reaching completion, and the first build kits will be made available in January.

    To support future junior racers as strongly as possible in terms of sourcing the relevant parts to ensure ease of building next-generation cars, and to help manage and control costs, the BRSCC have partnered with Cooksport to introduce a “single supplier” initiative for all mandatory and control parts, this to include engines. Not only will this allow the club to carefully manage build costs on behalf of competitors, but more importantly, it will ensure technical and on-track performance equality of the new cars.

    Paul McErlean, BRSCC’s Chief Operating Officer:
    “One of the most important aspects of what we do as a club, is to ensure that we offer attractive access points to those new drivers who are the lifeblood of future motorsport. Proof of this is the success of our CityCar Cup Championship where around 60% of drivers are first-time race licence holders, and our Mk1 Mazda MX-5 Clubman Championship which regularly attracts new racers.

    Whilst we’ve worked hard as a team to secure the foundations of our junior category, and no one more than our Junior Championship Coordinator Laura Payne, we strongly believe that the introduction of this next generation car will create an exciting, affordable and attractive access point for even more junior racers to become involved”.

    Greg Graham, BRSCC’s Head of Formulae Development:
    “Our senior Fiesta Championship has historically proven that the Mk7 1.6 Sigma engined car is reliable, plentiful and also cheap, and this gave us the confidence to base our next generation junior car on that model.

    I’m a firm believer in the importance of equality of performance and costs in single make racing, and from the outset wanted to utilise the well proven “single supplier” option, this aimed at simplifying and controlling the parts supply chain for all key components of the new car. Through discussions with Josh Cook and his team at Cooksport Ltd, it became clear that they had the skills and expertise to provide exactly what we envisaged, and they have been appointed to the role of technical and development partners, as well as championship parts and engine suppliers”.

    Simon Joy, Cooksport:
    “Cooksport are extremely proud to be the official technical & supply partner to the BRSCC for the next generation of Junior drivers. Our background of regulated single make racing from Karting, through Junior Programs and onto high profile manufacturer backed racing gives us a great insight into how we can offer future drivers the best opportunity to let their talent shine through. The development direction of the car is aimed at it being fun to drive, modern and safe, as well as delivering equality of performance which is hugely important in single make racing series.

    Having professional racing driver Josh Cook leading the technical development of the project, will provide the touring car drivers of the future the confidence that he has personally put his engineering expertise into the car…and also thoroughly put it through its paces on track! Not only will we build and test the new car, we’ve already put together a cohesive specification that really works together, and at the target price point is unrivalled”.

    Josh Cook, Professional Racing Driver & Director at Cooksport Ltd:
    “I’m very fond of club level motorsport and especially Junior tin top racing, after all it’s where I started my own racing career! I think it’s a really important proving ground for young people who are looking to have a career in car racing, and who need the assurances that they can begin their careers in a well managed championship at an affordable level. This project proves just how committed the BRSCC are to the future of British Motorsport and that’s something that myself and Cooksport can really get behind”

    Whilst developing the next generation car, both the BRSCC and Cooksport have been fully focussed on delivering a package that offers genuine value for money to new racers, yet without compromising on safety, quality or driveability. Through the appointment of carefully chosen partners, the build kit for the next generation cars will include:

    – Build Kits will be available to despatch from January, and the package includes:
    – Fully Rebuilt and Championship Sealed 1.6 Sigma Engine
    – Homologated Junior Spec ROPS by SW Motorsports
    – FIA Junior Formula Side Impact Protection System
    – AST Adjustable Coilover Suspension Kit
    – ACW Motorsport Polycarbonate Window Kit
    – Fire Safety System
    – Corbeau Junior Spec Race Seat and Harnesses
    – Bespoke Race Exhaust System
    – 4 x Braid Alloy Wheels
    – FIA Compliant Fuel Tank Protection Guard
    – Ramair Engine Air Intake System
    – Powerflex Poly Bush Suspension Kit
    – Race Brake Kit
    – Front Splitter
    – Rear Wing & Fitting Brackets
    – Steering Wheel & Boss Kit
    – Bonnet Pins and Tailgate Straps
    – Front & Rear Tow Straps
    – Interior Door Panels
    – Rain Light

    The estimated target price of the full build kit is under £14000 plus VAT, which offers fantastic value for money, especially when considering that donor cars are available for as little as £1,500.

    Cooksport are now operating a deposit system for build kits, so to find out more or to secure your build kit, please head to the dedicated Formulae page on the BRSCC’s website linked below and complete the enquiry form found in the About section.

    BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship


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    After much anticipation and off the back of a mega 2021 campaign, the BRSCC is delighted to announce our provisional 2022 season race calendar matrix!

    We will follow this up next week with individualized calendars for each championship and series, however, we wanted to give our members, teams and customers as much advance notice as possible.

    PLEASE NOTE: The numbers shown in the matrix refer to the amount of track sessions on each day during the event and include qualifying sessions and races. So, a race weekend showing “2 | 2” will denote (1x) qualifying session and (1x) race, followed by (2x) races on the next day.

    (3*) in the matrix denotes sessions with longer qualifying sessions and races.

    Junior racers will have (1x) free practice session prior to qualifying at all events.

    Next week’s individual calendars will clarify things further.

    As well as securing the best circuits and dates for all of our own championships and race series, we’re also delighted to welcome the C1 Racing Club into our race portfolio, plus we’ll be joined by Legends Racing UK, the Mini 7 Racing Club and 500 Owners Association (listed as Historic F3) throughout the season at selected meetings, as well as seeing the welcome return of others such as MG Car ClubBritcar EnduranceDarlington and District Motor Club and Classic and Modern Motorsport Club.

    The eagle-eyed amongst you will also spot the inclusion of two new BRSCC formulae, these being Mazda SuperCup Clubman and the BMW 1 Series SuperCup – and news of both will be released in the very near future… 👀

    As you will hopefully appreciate, there is a massive amount of complexity and variability involved when trying to deliver the best possible mix of circuits and dates, and we really appreciate your patience and support. Let’s all look forward to another excellent season of racing in 2022! 🏁



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    This weekend, some of the best and brightest in UK club motorsport makes its way to Anglesey Circuit on the coast of North Wales for the exceptional Race of Remembrance race event, created by Mission Motorsport as a special meeting that takes place over the course of Remembrance Sunday weekend.

    Mission Motorsport helps numerous ex-servicemen and servicewomen retain and find careers in both the motorsport and automotive industries and being recognised as The Forces’ Motorsport Charity, their dedicated career managers have helped more than 200 service leavers, be they wounded, injured or sick, back into employment, with over 2000 veterans in total having received help to find work again. The Race of Remembrance is a special event that combines a three-part race with several other fun and enjoyable activities, all centred around the special commemorative service that takes place every year to remember the fallen heroes that gave their lives in conflict over the years.

    This year’s entry is packed with a full field of 50 teams entered for the very first time, with many drivers keen to take part again after the 2020 edition of the event was forced to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are no less than seven classes competing on the grid, with a wide variety of clubman-level race cars across the board amongst the entry. Class A has been split into two, with one part accommodating cars that are compete in the C1 Racing Club endurance championship, as no less than eight are due to take the start including the Mission Motorsport backed car to be driven by Guy Dungworth, Ian Boulton, Ben Norfolk and Mark Layton. The rest of the runners in this class have been sectioned off into those that are running cars in BRSCC City Car Cup specification, with the Bliss siblings Stuart and Richard sharing with Andrew Dyer in their Toyota Aygo, while Bad Obsession Motorsport’s Richard Brunning is reunited with the Citroen C1 he helped to build and race in 2020 where he took a class win at Silverstone in the Clubsport Trophy race. He will certainly hope it’s a successful trip down memory lane.

    Class B is mostly the domain of the Mazda MX-5 and the MINI Cooper, with a handful of drivers here recognisable from BRSCC Mazda MX-5 series. Steve Foden, Adam Craig and Brian Chandler make up The Mazda Maestros in a Mk1, as so Clive and Neil Chisnall, Matt Pickford and Kevin Silvain in the Numbers Racing entry, while other Mazda teams come from Peaky Blinders and Jaffacake Racing. TrackScotland have a pair of R50 MINIs on the grid alongside Strongbroo Racing with Howe Motorsport, while the class is completed by NJM Racing’s Ford Fiesta.

    More Mazda MX-5s, this time of the Mk3 variety, dominate Class C with no less than four in the class along with another solitary Mk1 for Ploughing Ahead. Paul Sheard Autosport have a four driver line up in their car, whilst George Grant and Nick Rutter make up the Clapham North entry and watch out for Nick Dougill, John Munro and Bradley Philpot in the Traxion with TWP Racing 1 entry. That car has been successful in club level endurance racing over the past couple of years and definitely starts as favourite to win the class and do well overall if they run trouble free. The Racing Renault Clio 197 featuring Sarah Dennis and ST-XR Challenge racer Jason Hennefer, and the RKC Motorsport Honda Civic Type R will also be ones to watch.

    Class D is where you find the most populated class and the fastest cars in the field, with standout favourite for both class and overall honours certainly due to be Rob Boston and Peter Mansfield in their rapid little Lotus Elise. Another car that should definitely be at the sharp end is the Lodge Sports Racing Porsche Cayman, which features amongst its driving strength the five-time BMW Compact Cup champion Steven Dailly, Steve Cheetham and Colin Gillespie. The rest of the class is a sea of more Lotus Elises, Honda Civic Type Rs and a mass of Caterhams that usually compete year on year with plenty of pace. One of them is the factory-supported PaddlUp with Lovecars entry featuring Caterham Academy title contender Freddie Chiddicks and Lovecars presenter Paul Woodman, who has also just graduated from his first season of racing in the same Academy group as Freddie. There are no less than five Caterhams, all of 270R specification, which feature a wide range of talented drivers regularly seen competing in the Caterham Motorsport paddock. And one dark horse in this class certainly must be the BS Motorsport entered Mazda MX-5 Mk1, which Mazda racing expert Ben Short teaming up with Ben Hancy and Alec Livesley in a bid to upset some of the expected frontrunners. Also in this class are three incredible Morgans, including a Mission Motorsport entered car for Lionel O’Connor, Linda Noble, Steve Binns and John Hogan, plus another from Morgan Motor Company themselves with a factory effort, plus Ian Payne and Paul Voakes in their PT Motorsport example.

    Class E, or as some are dubbing it “the BMW Class”, has seven BMW 116is all built and run to 116 Trophy specification, with many of the cars here entered by various divisions of the armed forced, including the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy Royal Marines and the Royal Engineers. CSC Racing also have two cars in their line-up for the event, plus sportscar and endurance racing ace Martin Short also has a 116 to share with son Morgan, Stuart Ratcliffe and Craig Denman.

    The final Class in the field is Class R, or the Relay class for teams comprising of more than one car. All three groups of cars here are once again Caterham 270Rs, with more recognisable Caterham Motorsport racing alumni here including Harry Eyre, Fraser Riddington, Paul Hearnden, Daryl Cresswell and Harry Senior across the trio of squads.

    For the first time ever at Race of Remembrance, there will also be a support race prior to the main event, with the BRSCC’s ever popular Clubsport Trophy making a special final appearance of 2021. An impressive field of 28 cars will be set to line up for the 45-minute pit-stop mini-endurance race, with another eclectic mix of cars typically seen in Clubsport races lining up on the grid for this one. Cars to watch here will certainly be the Caterhams of Tom Cockerill and Chris Skillicorn in Class A, Liam Crilly’s Class B BMW Z4 that appeared at Croft in May, Brian Chandler doing double duty and this time in a Mk3 MX-5, Connor and Alek Modro’s Ford Focus, the VW Golfs and Luke Handley and Mark Jones, former TVR Tuscan racer Chris Maries in his Honda Civic Type R and Paul Smith’s Lotus Elise. They will be amongst a mass of Mazda MX5s, more Civics, Renault Clios and Ford Fiestas as they do battle to provide the entertainment ahead of the main event!

    Scott Woodwiss


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    The last two BRSCC series to decide their champions did so in fine style at Donington Park this past Saturday, as the National circuit played host to the final rounds of both the FunCup Endurance Championship and the ETSL ST-XR Challenge with the last points of the year to be secured and final championship positions to be settled.

    Returning to the same circuit they began 2021, the FunCup Endurance Championship put on another 4-hour epic to round off another competitive season of action, as the early stages saw CCS Media, front row starters Enduro Motorsport and Team Greenheath pulling away in a battling lead trio with Nigel Greensall, Morgan Tillbrook and Gary Bate setting the pace. Bate fell away to leave the top two together through the first stint, but when outgoing champions Team Olympian fell off the road at Macleans, the safety car prompted a mass of pit stops as the first pit window opened. The reshuffled order on the restart soon saw champions elect UVio Hofmann’s Lotus’ Fabio Randaccio put the pressure on Enduro Motorsport with Marcus Clutton now at the wheel but with a string of quicker lap times, Clutton held the points leaders at bay through the second stint.

    Another safety car allowed UVio to jump ahead to the lead but the two cars ended up trading places through the next few it windows and future safety car periods, the pair never far away from each other when green flag racing was back on. Then another late full course caution period, a rain shower at the beginning of the final hour and a stop-go penalty for Enduro Motorsport all turned the contrast of the race onto its head, with the #103 dropping further back into the top 10. Another late shower of rain saw leaders UVio Hofmann’s struggling for grip initially while Marcus Clutton pushed on to catch the top two. An off at the Old Hairpin wounded the race leader and Clutton took chunks time out of Randaccio’s lead until with just 16 minutes to go the lead changed hands into the Roberts chicane.

    The PLR Racing car of Neil Plimmer swept outside of Redgate to relieve UVio of 2nd place just minutes later, but by that point Clutton was already up the road and comfortably ahead, pressing on to take the chequered flag to take his and Morgan Tillbrook’s first FunCup race win, just a month since the duo had won at Donington in the British GT finale. However, drama at the chicane occurred when Randaccio and Plimmer collided, putting UVio out on the spot while PLR limped on in 2nd before a late stop and go penalty pushed them off the rostrum. MJ Tec Giti and MakeHappenRacing, in turn, put on a thrilling duel for what eventually turned out to be 2nd and 3rd with the latter managing to get past and pull away while surviving yet another late shower. With four hours full of drama and excitement, it was a fitting way to conclude FunCup’s incredible 2021 season and despite not finishing, six victories across the campaign ensured that Farquini and Fabio Randaccio were crowned FunCup champions for the year!

    It would also be the final rounds of the ST-XR Challenge for 2021 with as many as four drivers still in contention for the overall title. Michael Blackburn got the jump from the front row and initially held the lead with Chris Grimes giving chase, before Grimes managed to slip past and quickly extend a gap out front. A battle for 2nd place raged at the front between Blackburn, Chris Jones, Lee Bowron and Sam Beckett and after several laps of applying pressure, Jones was able to slip by Blackburn at the Roberts chicane for P2 but lost out into the Craner Curves moments later. Jones got him back before the end of the lap with Bowron also picking up a place too, while Beckett and Michael Heath also got their elbows out to ensure an exciting scrap. While Grimes drove on to win with Jones a comfortable 2nd, the hectic 3rd place battle saw Beckett off at McLeans on the final lap while dicing and eventually saw Blackburn pick up the final podium spot. Alex Causer was the runaway winner in the XR portion of the race, finishing 15th overall and ahead of Jason Heneffer’s XR3i and Simon Robinson’s XR2, the latter dropping back to the final finisher overall and 3rd in the category.

    With the XRs starting ahead of the STs once again for the final race of the season, they didn’t get much chance to make the most of their head start as an early safety car bunched the field up for the first two laps after cars went spinning at the Old Hairpin. When racing resumed, early leader Causer’s XR fell prey to Jones’ ST, as he swept past and pressed on to lead for the remainder of the final 15 minute encounter. Jone would take the flag not just to win the race, but to also provisionally be crowned both Class D and overall champion for the 2021 season, with Grimes back in 2nd and Michael Blackburn taking 3rd, while Simon Robinson fared better on this occasion to overhaul Causer and take the XR win, provisionally sealing Class A honours in the process; Jason Hennefer also came out on top in Class B too. After a magnificent season of racing where grids were consistently well supported and a healthy mix of experienced and new drivers, we’re greatly looking forward to what the ST-XRs bring in 2022 and a massive credit has to go to Dave Fairclough and his team for all their hard work in successfully growing the championship!

    An extra shoutout has to also go to the BRSCC East Anglian Centre rescue unit team of Kevin Lambert, Graham Daly and Mike Rex who were on duty at Donington Park, for their incredible efforts in stopping to help and assist a party of five on the A14 early on Saturday morning, after their car caught fire. The crew aided in calling 999 to request the fire brigade as well as using their own fire extinguisher to help tackle the blaze and corralling the occupants of the car behind the barrier to safety. They remained with them until Suffolk Fire and Rescue arrived before continuing on their way to the circuit. Fantastic quick thinking and efforts from the crew for helping to avoid a potential major disaster!


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    After an exciting and competitive season of racing in this year’s BRSCC Fiesta Championship with a title battle that went right down to the final race of the season, we’re delighted to announce a very special prize to be awarded courtesy of tyre supplier Goodyear!

    To reward the champion of this year’s Fiesta season, a special test drive in a Motorbase prepared Ford Focus BTCC race car has been set up which will take place on Wednesday November 10th at the Snetterton 300 circuit in Norfolk to recognise the hard fought efforts of this year’s champion. JamSport’s Rob Smith was able to capture the 2021 title in fine style and was allocated this prize as a reward for his success, however Rob is unfortunately unavailable to attend due to prior commitments.

    But in an incredible act of generosity and sportsmanship, Rob has instead chosen to pass on the opportunity of his BTCC test prize on to the overall runner up in this year’s championship, that being 20Ten Racing’s Luke Pinder. Luke will therefore head to Snetterton in place of Rob to get his first taste behind the wheel of a fully prepared British Touring Car in a rare and exciting opportunity!

    Paul McErlean, Chief Operations Officer of the BRSCC said of the prize test drive “The opportunity for any racing driver in the UK to test a BTCC race car is something that is always going to be special and a massive thank you has to go to Mickey Butler and the guys at Goodyear for assisting in putting this together for our champion. While it’s unfortunate that Rob is unable to take part in the test himself, I’m delighted to see that he has very generously chosen to give our 2021 runner up Luke the chance to take up the drive instead, something I’m certain he will cherish and will be an opportunity he’ll grab with both hands. This gesture from Rob is proof that not only is he a fine racer on track, but a gentleman off the track as well. We’re very much looking forward to seeing how Luke gets on and we’re sure he will impress.”

    Mickey Butler, UK Manager of Goodyear Dunlop added “We have seen drivers over the years using the prize of a test drive in a BTCC car as a stepping stone to go on and achieve great things, including three time champion Ash Sutton and multiple Porsche Carrera Cup GB champion Dan Cammish as worthy winners. The ability to award the same prize to the Fiesta Championship with its brand new ST240 turbo cars is something myself and Paul had discussed from the start. How the championship has grown this year as a result is a credit to everyone involved. Congratulations to Luke on his prize and we are looking forward to seeing how he takes to the Motorbase Ford Focus NGTC car.”


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    The BRSCC’s final race event of 2021 takes place at Donington Park in early November and after another incredible year of racing given the ongoing global circumstances, it’s all set to conclude here for the off-season begins for the winter.

    It’s been another competitive year of action in the FunCup Endurance Championship and it all comes to a close here at Donington Park this coming weekend. Given their form over the course of the season, UVio/ Hofmann’s Lotus are on course to claim another title with a 38-point lead with MakeHappen Racing and DespatchBay Express chasing them down in a bid to try and halt their celebrations. A double win last time out at Oulton Park for “Farquini” and Fabio Randaccio, taking their tally to six our of eight races this year, will have been rather ominous for their chances here, although the above teams plus outgoing champions Team Olympian, Team Viking and more will be looking to give them a challenge as another exceptional FunCup Endurance season concludes.

    The ETSL ST-XR Challenge contests its final rounds of 2021 hereafter what will surely have been one of the best seasons in recent history. More than 40 drivers are expected to have raced across the year and now it all comes down to the last races of the campaign to decide who walks away with both the overall titles and any of the five class crowns also set to be decided. An excellent entry of Fiesta XR2s, Escort XR3is and Fiesta ST150s is expected to round off the year and on a circuit like Donington, the racing is expected to be as good as any seen throughout 2021 from the championship, if not better! It looks set to be a three-way shootout between Mike Blackburn, Chris Jones and Lee Bowron for the overall title in the STs, while Simon Robinson is odds on to finish the season as top XR runner too, so this will be an exciting conclusion to what’s been a mega year for the championship!